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. >> this is 9 news now. >> hello. thank you for joining us.
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jacie hayward. at the wal-mart on russet green east. >> we talked with one employee that says he came face to face with the shooter but he didn't know it at the time because he looked like any ordinary stomer. >> jesse would only learn later that he was talk with the gunman who would rob the store and shoot the manager. he said the man had on gloves. his face partially covered in winter clothing looking for a heater. >> he then went on to other business. that's when the shooter grabbed his manager looking for cash. >> we're treating this as a commercial armed robbery. this suspect, an adult male, entered the business. accosted the employee inside.
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demanded money. retrieved money from the business. >> for some reason it all spilled out into the parking lot where the gunman shot the manager. >> he took the victim. went into the parking lot area. it's ambiguous at this point as to why that happen bud the victim was ultimately shot in the upper body. >> police say there was no struggle before the shooting. police combed through the parking lot and picked up a white bloody shirt. they say they found a car engulfed in flames. in maryland, 9 news now. >> we're continuing to follow this story. we'll have the latest information on our website. wusa 9. com and on 9 news now beginning at 5:00 p.m. district police are looking for the gunman behind a triple shooting that occurred in northeast washington. the victim's, a woman and two men were apparently innocent
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bystanders at a bp gas station on being road northeast. he got into a dispute is with the gas station clerk. went to his car and came back shooting. the get away car was found later after a collision with a van but the gunman had fled the scene. nancy palosy says she will run to keep her job. her colleagues made it clear that she shouldn't think of leaving. she won reelection in san francisco. but at age 72 she did not say whether or not she plans to run for office when her term ends. she made history at the first woman speaker of the house when elected in 2007. senior fbi officials are
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scheduled to brief congressional investigators today on the affair that broke down cia director david patraeus. they'll ask about thousands of emails between a tampa socialite. daniel nottingham has more. >> reporter: he will testify about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya. before he handed in his resignation he was scheduled to appear at hearings this week. the details of the new hearings are being worked out. president obama is expected to face questions about the scandal that forced patraeus to step down at a news conference today. the widening investigation the s now jeopardizing general john allen's future. the pentagon is looking at emails he exchanged with joe kelly. sources described them as potentially inappropriate and flirtatious. >> these allegations are shocking to everybody that
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knows general allen. he's a terrific officer. he's also done a really good job in afghanistan. >> the white house and lawmakers continue to express confidence in general allen's leadership of u.s. troops if afghanistan while his promotion to become nato's top general is on hold. >> he said he has not done anything improper. i think he deserves the benefit of the investigation that's going on now which i hope will be concluded soon. >> one anonymous e mail from several months ago warned allen to stay away from kelly. sources stay e mail came from paula broadwell. in her e mail to allen broadwell warned that kelly was a seductress. >> president obama is expected to answer a lot of questions today about the patraeus scandal. you can see the president's news conference right here on
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channel 9 beginning at 1:30 p.m. and president obama will also address the so called fiscal cliff during his news conference. those are the tax hikes and spending cuts scheduled to go in effect on january 1st. the tax policies center estimates the average household faces a tax increase of $3,500 if the white house and congress do not reach an agreement. well the government that she has wholesale inflation fell during the month of october. a big drop and gasoline all set a rise in the cost of food. it's the first decline in whole prices since may. a hearing is under way on capitol hill on the meningitis out break that killed 32 people nationwide. a pharmacy in massachusetts that distributed steroid injections is connected to that
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deadly out break. house lawmakers say their goal is to figure out who new what and when. the own over the pharmacy, the food and drug administration commissioner will testify. coming up ahead on 9 news now. a solar spectacular captures the attention of millions of stargazers. and also we want to let you know that we have set up a phone bank in order to answer your questions about medicare and medicare's open enrollmentment period. now the number to call is (202)244-3304. (202)244-3304. experts are waiting to answer your calls. we'll be right back.
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i'd love to hear from you on facebook. i'm jessica doyle 9 news now. >> answering your questions about medicare benefits the phone number to call is (202)244-3304 if you have any questions. experts are on hand. ready to answer your questions. and what we want to do. this is sponsored by the maryland department of aging. and we're going to walk you through open enrollment and that process. and with me i'm delighted to say is secretary gloria lawyer. there's an important gate the viewers must know about. >> december 7th. that's the last day they can make changes. december 7th is the deadline. >> why is there an open enrollment period. >> well each year there are new options that beneficiaries can
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consider. they should read through the options carefully and make choices based on their needs. >> and of course if they have questions call in on our medicare phone. (202)244-3304. how does this phoneathon really help viewers today. >> the phoneathon is wonderful. viewers can call in and get their questions answered. we have experts standing by on the phone to help them make those choice. >> but they only have until december 7th. >> now if i'm at home how do i know i want to make a change. what do i look for? >> well if you're reading through your plan and you see some changes in that plan that were not there this year, you might say oh which ones should i opt for. well if you don't know you need to call into the phoneathon and the experts can help you make
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that selection. >> all right and there's so many options that the viewers have they can select from. that's why it's important at this time to look at all those options to make the right choice for you. >> that's right. >> all right. december 7th is your deadline for making changes. if you have questions about whether you should make a change, call in to our medicare phoneathon sponsored by maryland department of aging. (202)244-3304. secretary lawler it's always a delight to have you. all right. we'll be right back. and howard's going to have the forecast when we come back.
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. >> a beloved professor at the university of maryland is being remembered. 68-year-old mike dumonso was killed in a car crash in howard county. he taught television production and other classes in the radio, tv film department at the college park campus in the 1970s. he was killed when a flat bed truck and jeep collided on rout 32 in clarksville tuesday morning. the truck driver was not injured. she was caught on tape driving past a school bus on a sidewalk. and for that, 32-year-old shena harden was ordered hold up a sign reading only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to
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avoid a school bus. this is day two of her unusual punishment in cleveland. some are complaining that she's not taking her sentence very seriously. in addition to holding up the sign her license was suspended and she was ordered to pay $250 in cost costs. a rare full solar eclipse plunged parts of the world into darkness today. day turned into night as the moon blocked the sun for two full minutes. the last solar -- total solar eclipse viewed from earth actually happened in july of 2010. experts say, not going to happen again until march of 2015. >> if you get a chance to see an eclipse don't look directly
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at it because some of the rays coming around the blockage can still damage your eyes. >> how are you doing. i'm well. it's really nice outside. it's in the 40s but the winds are light and the sun is bright. >> did you miss me. >> i did. she's back. the sun is out. life is good. weather wise we're going to make a run toward 50. maybe low 50s. light winds this afternoon. they're calm right now at national airport. that's feeling good out there. this evening with clear skies to start. temperatures dropping into the mid 40s by 7:00. stopping in the mid 30s here in town. we could see a few spots in the upper 20s like we did this morning. 28 in winchester. while fredericksburg got to freezing. look at the navel academy. the chesapeake keeping them
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warm. right now temperatures are running in the low to mid 40s out there. it feels better than that because of the light winds and sun. at 37 in winchester. at oakland we're at freezing. check it out. lots of sunshine at this noon hour. calm winds. fairly light in most spots. due point in the 20s. humidity at 46 percent. it's a comfortable afternoon so far. we have a few cloud tons way. we don't think we'll get precipitation out of this. you see the high clouds. they are high but thin. some sun getting through that. coming in for tonight and tomorrow. it won't be as pretty tomorrow but not a bad day. the future cast we stay mainly sunny and clear through the evening hours now. we'll be clear to start the night but by tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m. a few clouds work their way toward us. west of town though, still some breaks. it's going to be another chilly morning. 20s 30s ins.
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tomorrow afternoon we start to watch moisture in eastern north carolina. there will be showers there. then tomorrow night. a couple areas of green. maybe down to saint mary's county. so we'll watch that carefully for you. as we head into friday it looks like more sunshine. so tonight we have temperatures. down to the mid 20s in cold spots but mid 30s here in town. looking at the forecast for the next three days. today 51, tonight back in the mid 30s. tomorrow mix of sun and clouds, 52. by friday, 53 degrees as we head toward the weekend. saturday and sunday with your seven day forecast. temperatures saturday in the mid 50s. sunday and monday there's a chance of a shower. coastal storm will develop. if it's close enough to us. we'll get rain and temperature in the 40s. jc over to you. i want to let everybody
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know we have experts in our studio today. we have a medicare phoneathon sponsored by the maryland department of aging. and the experts are here to answer your questions about medicare open enrollment. the deadline to make any changes is december 7th. by the way, we also have a web chat. so you can go to wusa 9. com and click on the icon to chat with an expert or you can call the number (202)244-3304. (202)244-3304. with me now is dr. john thompson. he is the executive director of the dc office on aging. i'd like to as you what does the affordable health care act have in connection with medicare. >> seniors and other individuals who are medicare beneficiaries now have an opportunity to get a free
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annual visit. and so this is something that wasn't covered prior to the affordable care act. and also those seniors who find themselves paying for high prescription drug costs have an opportunity of receiving a 50 percent discount on name brand -- covered name brand drugs. so that's huge for those seniors on a fixed income. >> it's very important to medicare beneficiaries. now how can be beneficiaries maximize their befits. >> first of all they need to understand their benefits. some seniors may not know about the 50 percent discount if they have high cost drugs. contact us and we have experts standing by to assist you. >> all right thank you dr. thompson. we're going to take a break but the experts are going to be here all afternoon until 4:00. call the number (202)244-3304 if you have a question about medicare open enrollment.
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we'll be right back.
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. >> open enrollment for medicare lasts until december 6th. we have experts in our studio. this is sponsored by the maryland department of aging. and they're here to answer your questions. the number to call is (202)244- 3304. with me now is john. he is a medicare counselor for the city of alexandria and arlington. and my question to you is is there extra help available for medicare beneficiaries who are low income. >> yes. there are certain programs available for folks on medicare that have lower income. the best thing for everybody to do is really call the number
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the (202)244-3304 to speak with our counselors and see if you qualify. they'll ask about income and resources. but there are programs out there if you're low income that may help you in reducing or lowering or eliminating your drug costs. >> and there's so many changes that have taken place that our viewers need to find out whether they need to be in another program. >> absolutely. medicare open enrollment is a very important period of time. it's a one time per year to make changes. you don't have to. but changes are constantly coming. plans change. you want to see if your drugs are covered. if they're covered differently. if copays are going up. >> the experts are beginning to be here until 4:00 this afternoon to answer your questions. so the number to call again this is sponsored by the maryland department of aging (202)244-3304. we also have a web chat. you can go to wusa 9. com and
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click on the i con and you'll be able to chat with an expert. thank you for being with us. and call in if you have a question. experts will answer those questions. thanks for being with us. come back and visit with us at 5:00.
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